11-in-1 Borstgordel + Handbevestigingsriem + Drijvende Bobber

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1. Adjustable and compact design chest belt strap mount and head strap mount, made of superior plastic and nylon, specially designed for GoPro. Not included the camera,housing case,bracket screw.
2. Dash/Windshield suction mount for GoPro camera, 180 degree rotation and adjustable arm for optimum positioning.Not included the waterproof shell
3. Handlebar Seatpost +Pivot Arm: Come with pivoting arms allowing for 3-way adjust-ability, can be clamp to chain stays, roll bars, kite-surfing control bars, Fit for 0.75 to 1.4 inch (1.9cm-3.5cm) diameter tubes
4. Floating Grip: Float designed to keep camera with waterproof shell float on water
5. Handle Monopod +Tripod Mount Adapter: Adapter rotates 180-degrees, connect to tripod mount on camera, camera interface: Universal 1/4 screw. Extends to 43 inch (110cm), closes to 9 inch (22.9cm)
6. 3-way Adjustment Base+Screw: Mount GoPro camera to this chest harness and gain a more immerse view, fully adjustable a fits all shapes and sizes
7. Wrist Strap: Made of durable nylon, band for fixed your remote to your wrist.

Set Including
1. 1*Chest Belt Strap Mount
2. 1*Head Strap Mount
3. 1*Handlebar Seatpost + Pivot Arm
4. 1*Floating Grip + Screw
5. 1*Handle Monopod + Tripod Mount Adapter
6. 1*Auto Suction Cup+One Tripod Mount
7. 1*3-way Adjustment Base + Screw
8. 1*Wrist Strap
9. 1*Carry Bag
10. 1*Tripod