14 in 1 Surfaccessoires Combinatiesets met EVA-hoes voor GoPro HERO7 / 6/5/5 sessie / 4 sessie / 4/3 + / 3/2/1, Xiaoyi en andere actiecamera's

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1. Compatible with GoPro HERO4 Session /4 /3+ /3 /2 /1 / SJ4000 / SJ5000 / Dazzne / SOOCOO camera (camera is not included)
2. Suitable for ideal requires a great deal of support activities
3. The adhesive mount is perfect for attaching the camera to a curved surface like a snowboarding, skydiving or skateboarding helmet
4. Float designed to keep your camera with a waterproof shell, dive Housing and other parts of the case, easy to float in the water
5. Floaty sponge is great for snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding and any other deep water activity
6. Portable box is perfectly shaped compartments for a GoPro camera, outer housing, and accessories
7. Screws for fixing GoPro cameras to a bobber hand grip or J-Hook buckle
8. Diving strap is mainly designed for the waterproof camera, waterproof camera for easy floating on the water, bright colors make it easier for users to find; Diving strap can also facilitate users when not in use underwater waterproof camera, the camera can be tied on his arm.

Package List
1. Medium size EVA Case
2. Bobber Hand Grip + Strap + screw
3. 19.5cm x 14.5cm pouch bag
4. Long screw + short screw
5. Surfing Quick Release Buckle
6. Safety Tethers Strap with 3M Sticker
7. Floaty Sponge with 3M Sticker
8. Surf Board Mount with 3M Sticker
9. Floating Bobber Hand Wrist Strap